Urvashi Bahuguna

Poet & Essayist


Poems forthcoming in Passages North, Copper Nickel, Southern Humanities Review, and Bombay Literary Magazine.

Darling, Every Day I Wake Up Afraid in Gulf Coast.

Into a Burning World, I Think of Birthing Children in Tahoma Literary Review. (Paywall).

Bodega Bay in SWWIM.

Origin Story and What Am I Supposed to Do Come Sunrise? in The Adroit Journal.

What I Love About Turning in The Shore.

The Years Come A-Tumbling, The Future in Outer Space and Spare Me This Love for Family Tonight in Mud Season Review along with an interview by Aurora Nowak. [Featured Poet for Issue 37]

Alone, In Praise of Drool and Boy in Eclectica. [Spotlight Author of Issue v21n3]

Equipped, In Search of Lice and Love, In Sickness & In Health, An Indian Girl’s Guide to Driving in UCity Review.

Spilt in Orion.

Reasons in The Nervous Breakdown.

D For, Amethyst and Packing in SOFTBLOW.

Boatman Addresses The Poet in Wildness.

When They Open Our Bodies, They Will Find The Whales in Kitaab.

Marrow in Jaggery Lit.

Sita in Lanka in Barely South Review.