Winner of the 2017 Emerging Poets Prize, TERRARIUM is available for sale from The (Great) Indian Poetry Collective on Amazon India. Copies are available at the following bookstores:

Bahrisons Booksellers outlets in Delhi NCR / The Bookshop in Jor Bagh / Atta Galatta in Bangalore / Literati Bookshop in Goa

It’ll be out in the US/UK late summer 2019.

“Not all poetry books work as collections. This one does, the poems in them rising and falling like waves, the brilliant cover being the first rising wave.” ~ K. Srilata, The Hindu

“Discussing this book with me, another young poet recently told me that he had never thought of ecology being a subject for poetry. Bahuguna’s book makes an urgent appeal to make it one.” ~ Uttaran Dasgupta, Business Standard

“Be it places, Goa or Bombay or London, or people — parents, a school geography teacher or a lover — Bahuguna’s art of description can find in them both redemption and “losses unnamed in almanacs”. Hers is a very keen eye. We would do well to follow it.” ~ Akhil Katyal, The Hindu Business Line

“The poems in Terrarium are rich, satisfying, rendered in a voice that is vitally young.” ~ N Kalyan Raman

“There’s something life-affirming about this work, perhaps because of how it captures places, sights and the curves on our maps with a perspective fresh as lemon scented tea (so much so that I went out of home one day, to sit between my flowering guava and mango trees to just take the sights around me in, while reading some of the poems.) ” ~ Krupa Ge, FirstPost